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Glass Blunts- A Healthier and More Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Paper Blunts

                The company, Burnt Hole Glass Blunts, are a rising star in the weed industry’s current scene. Their products are the perfect combination between an old school glass bong and a regular tobacco blunt. Their specialized glass blunts offer a very convenient and much healthier alternative to regular paper wraps and or blunts. These glass blunts are reusable, cleaner, and environmentally friendly to boot. Burnt Hole sells these glass blunts at an incredibly affordable price and of great quality. The company is doing their best to promote a healthy smoking lifestyle that is beneficial for the smoker and the environment.

                The glass blunts sold on Burnt Hole are of a very cool twisty design. They also come in many different colors, size, and metal finishes. Among the glass blunts offered, you can find chrome finishes, black matte finishes, rose gold finishes, rainbow tropical finishes, Cuban style matte finishes, and lots of different mini style blunts with varying finishes. These finishes and colors are on the metal parts of the glass blunt which is the mouthpiece and a small cappiece on the very end of the glass blunt. The twisty metal part within the blunt comes in gold, black, chrome or tropical depending on which model you choose. Replacement glass tubes are also sold, though the glass tubes do not need to be replaced very often, it is convenient to hav a replacement.

                The way these glass blunts work is, in order to refill or to load it with product when you want to smoke it, you must first detach the metal/ copper coil from the glass. This is now an empty glass tube with the cap on the bottom. Now you can fill the tube up as much as you desire, and then place the middle twisty screw piece back into the tube counter-clockwise. After you have done that, remove the bottom cap piece, from the bottom, hold a lighter under it in order to light the product on the inside and then inhale from the mouthpiece at the top. It may seem like a complicated process, but when you have the actual glass blunt in your hands, the preparation process is actually quite simple and easy. Whatever cons that can be found with the glass blunt are easily negated by the fact that it is so much healthier and better for the environment than any paper blunts.

                Burnt Hole Glass Blunts are a flourishing business thanks to their innovative twisty glass blunt. The products sold on the site all have their fair share of 5 star reviews and have already been tested out by many people and have been confirmed to be a great alternative to other smoking devices. They are great products for people who are looking for a healthier and more environmentally friendly way of smoking their chosen products. Also, you can’t deny the fact that these twisty glass blunts are pretty cool.

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