Burnt Hole Glass Blunts - Reviews

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Great product! I love the smoothness it delivers.   -Elaina Bailey

Great Product!!!! I will use this glass for the rest of my life!!!!   -Tony Merritt

Good price and the quality of products are amazing and easy to use!   -E Mekonnen

I quit smoking nicotine a number of years ago, (black and milds). At the time I enjoyed using blunts, but wanted to give it a rest so I could get over my nicotine addiction. With the help of the glass blunt I haven’t turned back since.   -Maria Cortes

They are really easy to use as all you basically have to do is stuff the glass tube and twist in and you’re ready to go. If you leave a little sticking out of the end you can light it up and keep it lit just like you would a backwood or swisher. Just twist it and light it each time.   -David Holtz

I hated breaking down blunts or rolling with my nails but this has changed my world! I love the packaging and the tropical twist. My next order will be a custom blunt.   -Jasmin Martinez